Familiar yet improved

Inspired by the official client, TweetDuck is instantly familiar but better in every way

Instant notifications

Stay up-to-date with the world thanks to fully customizable desktop and sound notifications

Highly customizable

The experience is truly yours, with a large amount of options and enhancements

Powerful extensibility

Take TweetDuck even further with a powerful plugin system and advanced customizations

TweetDuck requires Windows 7+, and .NET Framework 4.5.2 or newer

If you experience any issues, please check the troubleshooting page,
and report the issue if none of the listed solutions worked for you

TweetDuck is actively developed and maintained by chylex, please consider donating to support the development, and follow us @TryTweetDuck

Looks like an old screenshot? Nope — this is how TweetDuck looks in late 2017! Do you want to see the secret?


  • Click Settings and select TweetDuck - Options to configure the app and notifications, or Edit layout & design to customize many visual aspects of TweetDeck
  • Make tweeting easier with an emoji keyboard or customizable tweet templates
  • Paste images directly from your clipboard to upload them
  • Copy links without the annoying t.co redirect
  • Right-click individual tweets to copy a link, take a quick screenshot, or download all images
  • Use the forward/back mouse buttons over tweets, dialogs, and notifications for quick navigation
  • Hold Shift when clicking the Clear button in column settings to restore the column
  • Whenever you don't want to be disturbed, simply pause all notifications (persists across restarts)
  • Tweak visuals with custom CSS, and unleash the full power of customization using the plugin system
  • See the documentation for a full list of features...