Since Twitter has announced discontinuation of their TweetDeck client for Windows, it was clear that the world needed a hero.

But instead, I appeared and just decided to make a replacement. So here it is!

What's New

Besides supporting most functionality of the discontinued client, TweetDuck has seen several improvements over the official client!

Enhanced Notifications

Pop-up notifications now have a blue bar which indicates when the window is going to disappear, or display the next tweet in the queue!

Moving your mouse over the notification stops the timer too, if you need more time to read.

Notification Configuration

It is now possible to precisely configure the pop-up notification location and duration!

Don't worry - you can select Custom and move the window wherever you want, TweetDuck will remember it.

Improved Multi-monitor Support

TweetDuck is much more reliable and configurable for multi‑monitor setups!

Many Enhancements

TweetDuck is constantly updated with small tweaks and enhancements that make your experience just so much better when compared to alternatives.

It's Open Source

Released under the MIT License, TweetDuck is not only completely free, but also open source!

I Need This Now!

You can download TweetDuck for Windows. Please, report issues and feedback to the repository.

If you would like to show monetary appreciation for me doing the work a giant corporation apparently could not, please consider donating via Patreon or PayPal. If you are unable to donate money, please spread the word about TweetDuck.

Installation & Requirements

TweetDuck requires .NET Framework 4.5.2 or newer. It is primarily tested on Windows 7, but should work on all newer versions as well. The program requires at least 300 MB of free space on your drive, 512 MB of RAM, and a processor from about 2003.

TweetDeck Migration

If you still have the official client installed and want to use the integrated migration, you will have to download an older version of TweetDuck to move your data and optionally purge the old installation. Please, make sure to update TweetDuck after the migration is finished.


Before reporting an issue, please see the list of common problems and their solutions below.

TweetDuck is not displaying correctly

If the website appears malformed or you see black rectangles, please right-click anywhere in the window, select Settings, go to the Advanced tab, and disable Hardware Acceleration. This can affect performance, but the program should render correctly.

Launch Trailer

What's Next?

First version of TweetDuck was released on April 15, 2016. TweetDuck keeps getting updated with new features and bugfixes, so please share your ideas and feedback!

Too Good to be True?

Nope - here is a side-by-side comparison!

TweetDuck and TweetDeck side-by-side comparison